Meet The SMILE! SOXTM Family

Nothing You Wear Is More Important Than Your SMILE!”                                    

We are sock ENTHUSIASTS! For more than 65 years we’ve dressed your feet with fashion, comfort and function but wanted to do something more – something FUN. That’s where the idea of SMILE! SOXTM was born. Why not make socks that bring joy to people and inspire happiness? If putting on your socks in the morning brings a smile to your face, what better way to start the day. Make the world a happier place.

If you see someone without a SMILE!, give them one of yours!

SMILE! SOXTM lift your spirits, promote happiness and brighten everyone’s day. In a world that isn’t always rosy, we all need more reasons to SMILE!

Meet The SMILE! SOXTM Family:

Wear a different SMILE! SOXTM expression everyday and show the world how you’re feeling.

Put a SMILE! on your feet and have some fun!